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Lashing with iLash Padz

Frequently Asked Questions - Tips & Tricks

Single vs. Double Padz?

Single Padz are smaller and can be used alongside a treatment pad if your client requests. We recommend using Single Padz for mature clients or clients who use retinol creams and have thin skin.

Double Padz provide more surface area for mapping and cushion for tweezers. They're also great for clients with long/wirey lower lashes.

Do you ship internationally? Outside of the US?

Yes we ship worldwide! Anywhere that USPS, UPS and DHL ship to. Keep in mind that some countries do charge customs fee when your package is delivered. This is a separate fee from our shipping charge on our website.

Lashes sticking to the Padz?

It's best to catch the lashes before the glue cures so they do not stick to the iLash Padz. Checking often throughout the service is helpful as well as considering how much glue is being used in doing the lash extensions.

Too sticky on some clients?

If the iLash Padz feel like they're sticking too much to some clients skin, its best to soften the adhesive before applying. We recommend 2 techniques:

Tap the iLash Padz 1 - 3 times on the client's forehead/shoulder/hand to pick up dead skin cells, not yours :( , to soften the adhesive before applying to the lashline.

Use a nano mister to lightly mist water onto the sticky side of the iLash Padz then apply to lashline.

Can I purchase wholesale?

We do not offer wholesale pricing or bulk ordering at this time.

Thin Vs Thick Padz


Thin Padz provide better visibility on the shorter inner corner lashes. Thick provide more cushion for the tweezers


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